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Note: Since beginning this blog, I have returned full-time to classroom teaching. That means that this blog is mostly on hiatus until summer 2017. When I can, I will try to update some of my original posts with new materials that I used last year when I taught 7th grade (the first "half" of U.S. history) and this year, now that I am teaching 8th (the 2nd "half"). USE THE TABLE OF CONTENTS to find what you need.

The purpose of this blog is to proceed chronologically through the standard U.S. history curriculum--from Columbus to September 11--and provide the following tools to teachers of U.S. history at the secondary (middle & high school) levels:
  • high quality, content-driven materials for teachers of U.S. history, including essential questions, document-based questions (DBQs), primary and secondary source material, lesson ideas, and other cool stuff.
  • links to websites with additional helpful material.
  • observations and suggestions for addressing methodological, pedagogical and historiographical problems faced by teachers of history in general, and United States history in particular. In other words, the kinds of issues that come up when history teachers get together and talk shop.
  • thoughtful ways to implement the Common Core State Standards, and the new C3 Framework from the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS).
Like any good history teacher, I cannot possibly hope to "cover" everything, but I hope my posts will become a useful tool. I welcome your feedback and questions! Please do comment in the comment section.
All of the views and opinions stated in this blog are my own, unless otherwise stated.
And while some of the materials you will see are my own, many of them have been adapted from materials passed down to me from other teachers with whom I have worked. So an enormous thank you to all the great teachers I have worked with in the past, and work with currently. I have been so lucky to work with them.

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