Blog Table of Contents

I thought it might be useful to provide a table of contents for this blog. The list below lists all the posts I have done according to topic, so you can quickly find what you need. While I am quite proud of the original work I have included in each post, and the work that I have adapted from other teachers, there are also some great links to the work of others. So if you want to find other websites with great stuff, skim through my post on the topic and look for the links. Many of my posts list them at the end, but there are also links throughout. The first part of this "table of contents" is for the chronological "March through U.S. History." Scroll down past the 1970s to see other topics/headings.


Beginning of the Year/First Day/Why Study History?


Colonial America

American Revolution


The New Nation/Early National Period

Antebellum America

The Civil War & Reconstruction - 

My life was a little busy last year around the time I was at this point in the curriculum, so I don't have anything on the Civil War itself. But check out all the usual great resources: SHEG (Stanford History Education Group),, and Digital History.  

Industrial America, 1865-1900

U.S. on the World Stage: Foreign Policy, 1890-1920

The Progressive Era

The 1920s

  • The Roaring 20s and Its Dark Side - yes, stuff here on the fun stuff. But also ideas for teaching the rise of the KKK, immigration quotas, Henry Ford, prohibition, etc.

The Great Depression and the New Deal

World War II

Post WWII Cultural Change

The Cold War

The Modern Civil Rights Movement


Post Vietnam and the 1970s

Other topics:


Using Film in History Class

Culture/History Wars, Controversy about Teaching U.S. History

Current Events

Common Core & C3 Standards

Approaches to Teaching History/Issues History Teachers Face

African American History

Unit Planning, Lesson Planning & Essential Questions

Importance of Biography


  1. Really enjoy this blog!! Will you be writing more entries? Thanks for sharing your ideas, would have loved to have you in class

  2. Thank you SO much for commenting. Really means a lot. I really hope to get back into this blog over the summer. But going back to full-time teaching has made it impossible to blog this school year. I am occasionally writing for Wrote a post in December on the Constitution. So check back in come summer.